10 free games online that you have never heard of!

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10 free games online that you have never heard of!

Websites that contain free games online don’t usually ask their players to make a payment so they can spin the slot reels, roll that dice or bust that blackjack dealer. These games benefit their players who just come to the site to have fun, without making a cash placement. If they plan to create a monetary investment, or if the player has a small budget when it comes to playing virtual casino games, then playing these free games will let them try out their new slot games and table games. This is also a good way to hone their playing skills before they decide to spend their cash.

If the player is still new to online gambling, then they might feel a bit unsure when it comes to betting their hard-earned cash to enjoy a couple of casino games. A lot of the best casinos provide lots of free games online that players can try out without making a placement. It’s a great idea for players to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of the casino game of their choice, before they can make a placement.

Ten Brand New Free Games Online

  • Mad Cubes 25 – One of the latest free games on the Web. This is a dice-themed slot game containing four reels, which is unheard of when it comes to slot games because slots usually have five, with 25 pay lines, multiplier awards, and a gamble feature. More choices for the players to improve and make the gameplay their own include an autoplay button, which has to be chosen to activate the endless amount of automatic spins.
  • Beat Me – A not-so-popular free games online where the player uses six standard decks. Each one of these decks contains 52 cards without any joker cards. The decks are shuffled before each hand. The card with the lowest value is known as the deuce, while the card with the highest value is called the ace. Beat Me’s mechanics are simple: the player just needs to make a wager or a tie, then they will be presented with a card. If the player’s card has a bigger value than the dealer’s card, they will obtain the payout which is then computed according to the odds of 1:1. So if the dealer ends up winning, the player will lose their bets.
  • Panda Magic – These free games online come with a 30 free spin feature, in which all of the wins are increased as well as a secondary bonus feature in which one game, or both of them, will be granted with two wild symbols. Players can also experience real excitement while playing Panda Magic even when they’re not attempting to win a progressive jackpot. Aside from activating that free spins round, the game’s scatter symbols will also give the player a win combo in its own right. This is a welcome addition to this slot game.
  • Win Win Blackjack – If these players prefer some variety when it comes to their blackjack games, these free games online come with a high-quality IGT version with a rather unique twist. The main objective of this game is to build a hand that can beat the dealer, but still doesn’t exceed 21. The game has a Rescue Bonus feature which occurs when the player exceeds 21. Players can enjoy this version as they would with a game of standard blackjack, but they shouldn’t place a wager on their Rescue Bonus space.
  • Jekyll and Hyde – Fans of the Victorian tale will enjoy these latest free games online, which contains a five-reel slot based after the classic tale of a doctor dealing with his two separate personalities. The most valuable symbol that can be found in this game is the Jekyll symbol, which multiplies all wagers by up to 60x. After that is the scatter symbol, which pays up to 50x.
  • Spingo – This game is a fun take on roulette, combined with bingo balls. This is one of the many free games from Microgaming software. The game comes with 25 segments, which brings to a total of eight per colour. Found in the middle of the Spingo wheel is a tube where the bingo balls will show up, each of them carrying the numbers one to ten. Meanwhile, found below the wheel is their wagering table which shows a simple range of wagers.
  • 2016 Gladiators – This is an energetic slot machine that features a theme of male athletes. Players can play with up to 21 pay lines, and change their bet with every pay line when they click on that bet button, so they can make their way through the coin values from 1 to 100. This game gives players the chance to make a huge difference to their gameplay, since 50 free games online can result in lots of gold coins.
  • Mini Baccarat – These free games are a modern version of baccarat, a game enjoyed in lots of real-life casinos. The reason for this is because of the demand by American players to get rid of the grandeur that comes with classic baccarat. As a result, baccarat’s rules underwent a massive change, and now the game is enjoyed by many casino fans from across the globe. Mini-baccarat has a lower amount of wagers than standard baccarat, but it still comes with the same house edges.
  • King Kong – These free games online are enjoyed with five spinning reels, with each of them having three symbols on hand. All 25 pay lines are fixed, meaning that the player can’t make a wager that’s less than that on each turn. Symbols found on this slot game are inspired by the classic 1933 film, which fans of the original movie and the remake will recognize.
  • Art of the Heist – A new slot game that is sure to stand out from the other slot games on the Web right now. Once the player starts up these free games, they will be treated to an opening cinematic, which is a feature that rarely happens in casino games, especially virtual slots. This game comes with 21 pay lines as well as five reels. A main aspect of these free games online is to assist the thief as he makes his way through the museum, by landing on the decoder in the reels.